Difference between a Tuxedo and a suit

One of the most common questions that people ask are, What is the difference between a Tuxedo and a suit? Should I wear a tuxedo or a suit? Being in tuxedo rental business for so many years gives us the knowledge and the experience to answer this type of question and to give advice to our customers in the best way possible.
Besides the physical obvious difference between a tux and a suit like the satin lapels, buttons, pocket trims and the satin side stripe on the side of the pants, the most important difference are
  • The message that you send out there when you wear a very nice classy tuxedo. When you wear a tuxedo you are at the top of the dress code, you are telling the people around you that, that day is a very special occasion and that you want to make it unique and classy.
  • In the other hand, you can always wear a very nice suit and feel and look good in it, but the reality is that you can wear a suit to work or almost to go everywhere.
  • When you wear a tuxedo is only for that special occasion when you want to stand out and make a statement of yourself, nobody wears a tuxedo to go to work like any other day, that is the most important difference and that why you should always pick a tuxedo for weddings, proms, galas, graduations, very important events or classic concerts
  • A tuxedo is a magical outfit that makes you feel empowered and unique for that special day, tuxedos have being used for centuries and still being used in the present with very little changes because of it class. Always remember that style can be good or bad, but class is always good, and when you wear a nice classic tuxedo you can never go wrong, it is simply the most prestigious outfit a gentleman can wear.
We at Manny’s Formal Wear are very passionate at what we do, and we are always looking forward to help you with all your tuxedo rental needs in Miami, please give us the honor to help you pick that amazing tux that you need for that special occasion. See you soon at our tux shop.